Company Name

Curveball Games Ltd.

Company Number


Place and Date of Registration

Companies House, Cardiff
15th March 2017

Business Address

HFF, 9 Aberdeen Road
United Kingdom

Contact Us

[email protected]

About Us

Curveball Games is a games development studio, based in Bristol, United Knigdom. It is run by Chris Waldron.

Our Games

Our goal is to make fun games, focusing primarily on the genres of simulation and strategy.

Our first game, Island Invasion, was released on the 10th December 2017 on Steam, for PC, Mac and Linux. It is a tower defense game with procedurally generated levels and enemy waves, leaderboards, and the ability to manipulate the route the enemies take.


Curveball Games Logo

DISCLAIMER: you may use this logo on your website, though we would appreciate a shoutout to this website. Curveball Games Ltd. reserves all rights to the logo and its use, and may request its removal at any time.

Personal Bio – Chris Waldron

Now for the impersonal bit (it’s been very serious thus-far).

I set up Curveball Games back in 2017 as a way of formalising my game development, and partially as a psychological tool to get me to do something with my passion! In truth I’d been working on games for many years previous, and wanted to do so all my life. The first game I ever played (that I remember) was Super Mario Kart on the SNES, and I remember wishing I could design tracks for it, and of course put myself in the game!

Many rough sketches for levels, characters and even world maps followed through the school years, and I took Computer Science at university as a way of learning how to make good software, and because frankly it’s not a bad degree if you want a job at the end of it.

Though I enjoy a range of games, from JRPGs to casual shooters, I wanted to focus on simulation and strategy games, not just because they have been some of my favourite experiences over the years, but because I feel they are under-served and under-innovated upon. Though it’s a long road ahead, I hope to bring some fresh, exciting games to these genres over the years.

For me, games are about having fun, about switching off from a world that sometimes isn’t the easiest to deal with, and about creating memories, either as part of an incredible single-player experience, or together with friends and families. This is how I remember games growing up, and this is what I want to give back through Curveball Games.

As a bonus, my favourite game of all time is The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past.