Island Invasion is a score-chasing tower defense game with infinite replayability
  • Millions of potential maps to play on, and waves of enemies that change every playthrough!
  • Cover two paths – air and sea – managing your defence on scattered islands
  • Clever placement of “path-blockers” allows you to redirect the enemy down the path you want!
  • 3 difficulty modes, each with their own leaderboard and “theme”. Survive as long as possible, then challenge others to beat your score!
  • 6 unique, upgradable towers, each tailored to different situations
  • 8 enemy variants, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, including 2 “specialist” enemies that require tactical planning to take down! Oh, and they get more difficult as the game goes on too!
  • Gorgeous low-poly aesthetic
  • Whales
Available now on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux