Where to learn free online texas holdem within 2020

Straight Flush Images, Stock Photos & Vectors The player with the highest kicker would have the nuts, and win the pot. If two players have the same hand, such as a royal flush, the players split the pot. The 9 doesn’t play since you have to make a 5-card hand. If two players have theRead more

In which to try out online holdem poker around 2020

Poker Hands Rankings If it’s the same, then you move on to the second pair. No, it doesn’t matter how or when you get the royal flush, just that you had it. You only need to get to a showdown for a “bad beat”, but It’s impossible not to in that situation any ways. IfRead more

The place to try out free online poker within 2020

If There Is A Flush On The Board, What Happens To The Pot? I saw half a million $ lost a guy declared pair of aces and missed the pair of 2’s in the middle. The other guy had pair of sixes and the two’s in the middle. I’m sorry, but the only reason IRead more