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High Card Flush Poker ‘split pot’ since u both have straight with 10 as top card. Hey John, the hand you’re talking about (a straight to the Ace 10-J-Q-K-A… it’s nickname is Broadway). Kristin, in a high game always count from the top down until there’s a difference. In the scrnario with the A9 vsRead more

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Flush Hand In Poker This question is on almost every page on this site. Why this question persists, I can’t figure out. The only time you consider a suit is when making a flush. Then you must have 5 cards of the same suit… ANY suit. Actually, the thing that makes the flush guy winRead more

Where by to learn online on line poker in 2020

Hand Rankings If there is parts of hands thst could win in a game that I don’t know about I could have been throwing away winning hands I didin’t know I had. Please e-mail me everything on different payouts than what is shown above please. Is the pot split 3 ways or does the playerRead more

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Flush Poker Term But the more wild cards you have, the stronger you hand needs to be to win. If you’re playing with 4 or more wild cards, a full house should be played more like a weak two pair. It’s not useless, but not worth betting the farm. To have a Royal Flush, youRead more